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Access Is Denied Progid Word.application

Type library import units have various things added to them, in addition to what is in the type library. above), and select More actions... The web page just keep waitng for reponse. Figure 1: The Automation Object Wizard The Wizard asks for several pieces of information. have a peek here

Kushan June 19, 2015 at 7:27 pm (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply Hi Chi, I have same problem but its for word. Please consider adding a stand-alone synopsis here, keeping the link as a reference. –kleopatra Nov 18 '13 at 9:21 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up When I uploaded it to my production server the site functions fine until I try to upload a document. Apple Laserwriter II NTX - Squeaky Noise - Ideas? 5. have a peek here

The component wrapper makes the connection to an Automation server less tedious than it was previously. Even if it's not supported, the object model does what I need it to, if I can just get around this error. Very unlikely that Ole32.dll isn't loaded into memory at this
point.} vOle32 := GetModuleHandle(C_sOLE32); if (vOle32 <> 0) then begin @vFnPtr I had to also customize the Access Permissions and grant Local Access to my process.

Add a timer as with the previous client, and Server_TLB into the uses clause (in the interface section of the unit). It gets regenerated when the type library gets updated and so should not be edited directly. There was no response. Then click on the security tab and enable launch and activation permissions on the component for the application / user that is using the component.

Error is "Access denied" 11. Since ABC\Administrator did not have rights to the executable I was trying to run, the process hung. Let's proceed and define a property in our interface that will return the current time, and then implement it in the class. Adams Ed Hillman Delphi Developer Sat, 01 May 2004 09:43:19 GMT Re:Help Help Help!

When the appropriate Windows DLLs are told to make a Server.MyOleServer object they will be able to find the class ID. The list of type libraries in the type library import dialog does not include Word 97, as the type library is not registered. All Rights Reserved. I have done changes according to the solution 1.

object nada=Missing.Value; object falso =false; /// bool variable that determine if document is opened bool bWDAbierto=false; public void openOtherDocument(object FILENAME){ try { if(bWDAbierto)wd.Documents.Close(ref falso, ref nada, ref nada); else wd= new All settings very done accordingly to article Everything works pretty fine but pages where I'm using COM objects (excel,word) failed with 500 Internal Server error. The following link explains it a bit. (Search for "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Ole\DefaultAccessPermission".) In Windows 2003 Server the "DCOMCNFG" command is part of Component Services (the "DCOM Config" section.) Under "DCOM Config" there This side of OLE used to be known as compound document technology or OLE storage, but is now referred to by the term Active Documents.

Thanks in advance for you help, Iulian Iuga 2. navigate here and I'm getting "Access id denied". My other Server.CreateObject's work for other ADODB objects but not for this one. NOTE: This folder may not exist by default on Windows 2008.

However the same script when executed as a service within an application on a Windows 2008 server errors with the following message: Microsoft Office Excel cannot access the file Note that this client project has been placed in a different directory to the server project. You should find it runs and immediately stops. The problem is that even if I delete the physical DLL on the server,it still creates the oblect.

I am running Win2000 , SP4, IIS 5.0 on a local machine. Because Word offers so many interfaces for Automation, this will generate a very large unit when imported.

As luck would have it, you may not have to do any importing for Adams S.

type TCoAllowSetForegroundWindow = function (pUnk: IUnknown; lpvReserved: Pointer): HRESULT; stdcall; Then defined a public function as follows...

Ted Porter April 25, 2012 at 9:00 pm (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply This artical is a life save. Adams" wrote in message news:[email protected] > > Hello, > > I am using Delphi 5 build 6.18 UP1, Windows 2000 SP2.. > > I have application 'A' running and need Add network service as above for both of these and it worked for me. The COM specification dictates that a COM object should destroy itself when the last reference to it is released.

var objWord = new Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.Application(); objWord.Documents.Open(FileName: htmlTemplateFile + @"\" + strFilename); objWord.Visible = false; if (objWord.Documents.Count > 0) { } } But now i am not getting objWord.Documents.Count >0 even if What Is An Automation Server? The call to Quit, for example, still has just one parameter, omitting the two optional parameters. To switch the active project in a project group, select it in the project manager and press the Activate button (or simply double-click it).

I'm wondering if the fact that the COM object is uninitialized is screwing up the call to AllowSetForeground. Privacy Statement Terms of Use Contact Us Advertise With Us Hosted on Microsoft Azure Follow us on: Twitter Facebook Microsoft Feedback on IIS yogesh May 7, 2013 at 10:17 am (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply I have my web service run on IIS 7.5, windows 7 64 bit. .NET framework 4.0, Microsoft how you got it resolved?

This works for me after hardwork of googling…! This adds a new property to the interface. But from my experiences I can't see why this wouldn't work. :) Let me know if this does the trick. That alone is enough to get the server to store all the appropriate Automation information in the registry, however the application is left running for no real reason.

This can be done by right-clocking on the server in SQL Enterprise Manager, selecting Properties, then specifying the desired account in the Startup Service Account section on the Security tab. To set up command-line parameters from within Delphi, choose Run | Parameters... When the parameter is set, run the application. We wrote it to retrieve data from MS Excel workbooks using the Office interop assemblies, and thus far it has never given us issues. The Automation Object Wizard Select File | New... and choose Automation Object from the ActiveX page of the dialog.

IntelliSense believes that the only things you can new are concrete, visible classes with one or more visible constructors. Then remove the .EXE reference, and move the DLL to a more permanent location in your project and add a reference to the DLL in VS. These are defined in the type library import unit.

Make a new application for our second client. SEE ALSO Program gets hung in memory or an 'Access Denied' error occurs when trying to create an instance of the Application on a server Back to Top Program gets

Thanks Altaf December 30, 2014 at 3:07 pm (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply Thanks a lot. Sporatic "Access is Denied" error when hitting ASP.NET web site. 13. Chinwendu P.

Why do I get this error? share|improve this answer edited Feb 17 '14 at 18:46 TimeTrap 458614 answered Jul 26 '11 at 16:56 user863905 549144 I had to use IUSR –Tom Stickel Jan 31 '13