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Failed To Configuring Adaptive Server Sybase

Instead, either use 'isql' as below, or run 'sqsh' with the '-Lexpand=0' option to disable sqsh variable expansion feature. Configure Sybase Control Center – see Sybase Control Center Installation Guide When finished, click Next in the GUI wizard, or enter 0 in console mode. grant select on syslisteners to OracleEMGroup go grant select on sysloginroles to OracleEMGroup go grant select on syssrvroles (name, srid) to OracleEMGroup go Configure the Management Agent to Deploy the Plug-In This key would be encrypted and hence you may not find it later if you forget this.Avoid using special characters on password and cluster keysFill-in the CMS database connection infoSybase service

And change service startup type to Automatic.Login to Sybase through cmd: $> isql -Usa -P (default blank pwd) -S 1> Sp_password null, ‘' 2> Go[Output: Password correctly set] Writing RUN_ASE1 file... DSS – decision-support systems generally have less update activity with large complex queries. Default Install Folder: /home/sybase/SYBASE_ASE ENTER AN ABSOLUTE PATH, OR PRESS TO ACCEPT THE DEFAULT : The directory /home/sybase/SYBASE_ASE does not exist. why not try these out

Security Login Modules – choose the security login modules for the Unified Agent, then click Enable:Simple Login Module – default user name is Sybase. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. If you install Replication Manager into the same directory as Adaptive Server, the Interactive SQL cannot start from Sybase Central, and issues: Interactive SQL could not load the "SQL Anywhare plugin", JINI port number – default is 4160.

Make sure that the preferred credentials are set on the agents where the plug-in is deployed. Since it is your first login as the sybase user, the login script will ask if you would like to run sybinit. Accept the default options, or specify other, unused ports, ensuring that the port numbers do not conflict with those used by other applications or services on your system:HTTP port – choose Ensure that reports can be seen and no errors are reported by clicking the Reports property page.

Make sure there is no service running on port 4000. In console mode, press Enter to exit the installation. As the server runs, it writes error messages to a text log file. Step 2: configure the Sybase server You must configure the Sybase server to support the application server.

System Monitoring Plug-in Installation Guide for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Release 7 ( to Release 12 ( E12775-05 Copyright © 2010,Oracle and/or its affiliates. Create a database login to be used by the application server. HTTPs port – choose an integer between 1025 and 65535. Send feedback on this help topic to Technical Publications: [email protected] Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ESD #2 > Installation Guide Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 ESD #2 for Linux > Installing Adaptive Server

The Sybase Adaptive Server home page appears as shown in Figure 3. It will listen on its own unique port. Set the Configure New XP Server option: ConfigurationValueXP Server NameThe XP Server name is set automatically, and is in the form of machinename_XP.Port NumberThe port number of the Backup Server. Management device.

Unset the SYBASE_JRE7 environment variable. However, in many environments it is not practical to obtain the SA password. like (0) vijaykumar ijeri February 18, 2015 at 7:51 am Hi, I don't think so 8K page size is pre-requisite for SAP BO 4.0 or higher. For more information, see the Sybase jConnect for JDBC Installation Guide or

Set the Configure Self Management option to create a scheduled job to run update statistics on any table in any Adaptive Server database: Self management user name – default is "sa". groupadd sybase useradd -g sybase -d /opt/sybase sybase mkdir -p /opt/sybase mkdir -p /var/sybase passwd sybase chown sybase:sybase /opt/sybase chown sybase:sybase /var/sybase Now Use  sysctl kernel.shmmax And configure sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=274877906944 Create database devices and the actual SilverMaster database as a Sybase database. have a peek here To install MDA tables, do the following: Ensure that the configuration parameter enable cis is set to 1.

The problem with foreign keys is very similar to the one with primary keys described above: Sybase's jConnect does not recognize foreign keys created in the older System 10 format using Click the Jobs tab. You also need to define logins for each deployment database you will use.

Select option 5.

Select option 2. For the latest information on supported database versions, see the Novell exteNd Application Server Release Notes. A single server can have many devices. If the classpath.lst file does not exist, create the file.

TaskSet the Configure New SAP ASE option: OptionDescription SAP ASE NameDefault is the machine name.System Administrator's PasswordEnter your password.Confirm System Administrator's PasswordEnter your password. Your cache administrator is webmaster. To install Sybase jConnect: Install the jConnect driver. Running installmaster script to install system stored procedures...

Click Next. Press ctrl-A to configure the server to not maintain auditing records. Copyright © 2003 Novell, Inc. Now run the script and it will create a Sybase user account and set the right permissions. # cd /opt/sybase/install # ./ Press q to quit on the license  agreement

Add the location of the driver .jar file to the classpath.lst file under the $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/config directory. LoginThe login defines access to an Adaptive Server Enterprise database, as well as the default database and password. The value is 80 percent of the physical CPU, with a default minimum of 1.Create Sample DatabasesSelect this option for the installer to install sample databases. Previous Copyright©2010,Oracleand/oritsaffiliates.Allrightsreserved.