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Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. Style 10. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'CLuceneError' Przerwaneand strigiclient shows blank fields. The KDE Panel 1.

Uncheck the check boxe on this page, Enable Desktop Search. Offline #9 2009-01-29 12:26:54 zeb Member From: Finland Registered: 2008-01-14 Posts: 9 Re: Is Strigi REALLY usable? All messages belong to and are the opinion of their respective authors.KDE and K Desktop Environment are trademarks of KDE e.V. • For more details, contact the Forum Administrators. Multitasking in Windows 3.1 Multitasking in Windows 95 Multitasking in Windows NT Multitasking in OS/2 Warp Computer-Centric Strategies for Enhancing Productivity [email protected] - A Perfect Example of Multitasking What is OS/2

Strigi and nepomuk require the Sesame backend to work and the kubuntu packagers refuse to package it because it requires "sort-of unfree" binary packages. Url : Previous message: Another Plasmoid worth getting into the repo Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] More information about the These are Nepomuk, Strigi, Baloo and Akonadi. what about this error I always get:Failed to contact Strigi indexer (No such method 'currentFolder' in interface 'org.kde.nepomuk.Strigi' at object path '/nepomukstrigiservice' (signature ''))I found a bug here: it seems

Nepomuk and Strigi Nepomuk and Strigi can be configured or disabled using either the GUI Systems Settings app or directly in the Nepomuk configuration file. Click on the Stop button to turn off the Akonadi server. tjk (tim-klassen) wrote on 2009-11-09: #27 I have this problem on Jaunty -- tried a few things to fix it, but no luck yet. Ole Jon Bjørkum (oj88) wrote on 2009-08-01: #20 Thanks Tuukka Verho, your solution works perfectly.

James (james-ellis-gmail) wrote on 2009-11-22: #28 Confirmed #19 works for me on Karmic. 32bit Changed: * updated ~/.kde/share/config/nepomukserverrc to say sesame2 instead of redland * sudo vim /etc/ * contents: # Kde doesn't actually run strigidaemon, it has its own service for that purpose. You signed out in another tab or window. Configuring KDE Changing the Look of KDE 1.

Introducing OS/2 Warp Warp Features Warp Server OS/2 Awards A Short History of OS/2 The Future of OS/2 Who Uses OS/2 Warp When was the last time you used OS/2 Who Complete Kickstart Everything is a file Get started with Midnight Commander, a Linux file manager How I landed a job in open source How the 9 major tenets of the Linux It's a crap! Last edited by Wilfred (2009-05-19 23:03:18) Offline #17 2009-06-04 18:58:09 mahen Member Registered: 2007-02-05 Posts: 48 Re: Is Strigi REALLY usable?

Uncheck Enable Nepomuk Semantic Desktop last. website here Grzegorz Cyuńczyk (cyunczykg) wrote on 2009-01-14: #4 Same to me KDE 4.2 RC, Kubuntu 8.10 on x86 machine It doesn't matter if I checkbox in systemsettings in "Desktop Search" module under Follow me in:, Twitter, Google+ Offline #16 2009-05-19 23:03:02 Wilfred Member Registered: 2009-05-19 Posts: 5 Re: Is Strigi REALLY usable? It would be great if they could provide the details of how to correct this error in the help files, rather than just listing an error that is currently used (that

On the contrary if you run strigidaemon from a terminal well...kmail emails (and all the subdirectories not excluded) will be indexed but a new directory will be created (.strigi in your ldd reported missing link against Getting Back to the Defaults Chapter — Using KDE 4 Introducing KDE 4 The KDE 4 Panel Anatomy of the KDE 4 Panel Configuring the KDE 4 Panel The KDE 4 Does anyone know the solution?

How will this be fixed? Board index New Topic Find a Solution KDE Links Top Top The team • Delete all board cookies Powered by phpBB © 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007 phpBB Group © Copyright 2012 I upgraded Kubuntu 8.10 to KDE4.1.2, KDE4.2 beta 2, and KDE4.2 RC. Possible Causes Upon trying to launch a third-party title on Steam, you may experience this error.

The sesame2 backend is definitely used (.kde4/share/apps/nepomuk/repository/main/data/sesame2 was created). Behavior 2. I did have Sun's jre installed, but I had to manually link in /usr/lib for it to be found.

Will this be fixed in Kubuntu Karmic?

However, it takes a lot of resources, and seems to spend a huge amount of time to index only a few files. If strigi is enabled, results should be shown automatically. Network Issues Rarely, communication errors with Steam may cause this message. Fonts 5.

Help Me With My Issue Community Help Post or search in Steam Discussions for an answer to your question. All rights reserved.KDE Community Forums has no liability for any content or post. Switching Users 6. have a peek here Screen Saver 8.

Either change the Indexing-Enabled line in the appropriate file to "false" or add the line if it does not exist. So it seems to slow progressively down. (the indexer is still in my openclipart library...)Any idea ?(also, one CPU core is used to the max constantly) Offline Pages: 1 Index »Applications I'm starting to think that strigi is just plain useless. Using the kubuntu-experimental repo.

I'm using KDE 4 from official repos (not mod), now 4.2, and still I don't know how to use it. Offline #8 2009-01-29 04:07:20 lucke Member From: Poland Registered: 2004-11-30 Posts: 4,018 Re: Is Strigi REALLY usable? The problem is that normally you will make strigi start from the configurations settings (Advanced-->Nepomuk) and even if you make strigi index your home folder (Advance Settings under Nepomuk) the emails Uncheck the box, "Enable Desktop Search" to disable Baloo.

Thanks to the tips above (symlinking I managed to get it working (kde 4.2.4). strigidaemon does not start up on login either. I had the same (?) issue and reported it here: problem is that I accidentally changed the ~/.strigi folder before I could create a meaningful backtrace. Uncheck the box "Enable Nepomuk Semantic Desktop" to turn off Nepomuk.

something out there hates me, every time one problem is fixed another pops up haha Have you ever seen this before? ==> Patching patching file libstreamanalyzer/plugins/endplugins/ffmpegendanalyzer.cpp /usr/bin/patch: **** malformed patch at The KDE Menu 5.