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Failed To Emerge X11-libs/libxmu-1.1.0

I've had issues in the past with something miss typed in the CFLAGS variable. Note how it is indented. I would loose what little hair and what even less sanity I had left.More power to you if you want to go this route with your OS, I don't. Also, thanks to Martin forpointing out the problem with the digest verifications, must have beenbad luck that I had to meet with this problem at this time. Check This Out

I tried the Gentoo forums, since Gentoo seems unpopular here Gentoo fits/fills a specific niche.. Maybe, just maybe, maybe if I had....[long list of other things far more important] time to spare for that... As to the blocked packages, the package manager could have handled it better. I figure by the time I get as good as Alan and Neil, they will > change the way it spits out data and we will all have to learn it

but the pitfalls of this to gain little performance, and possibly add back one thing that Ubuntu borq's which is easily dealt with another way... Turns out I was missing a - in my make.conf file and that made it go haywire. · actions · 2014-Nov-12 2:38 pm · GILXA1226MVMjoin:2000-12-29Dayton, OH

GILXA1226 to Selenia MVM 2014-Nov-12 At times, it > can get pretty deep. > > If you have colors turned on, watch those. After getting past all this, things have been behaving as expected and I am actually liking the package management after learning a few things, using .deb and .rpm distros so many

There were no change in configuration files since mylast update to portage.This just keeps getting complicated. The following USE changes are necessary to proceed: (see "package.use" in the portage(5) man page for more details) # required by x11-libs/gtk+-2.24.31-r1::gentoo # required by x11-themes/gtk-engines-adwaita-3.20.2::gentoo >=x11-libs/cairo-1.14.6 X # required by ForumsJoin Search similar:Java, Oracle JRE 8 update 20Oracle - fix your java updater[WIN10] Getting Error Message Running Media Creation ToolAsus Z97-A updated stuff?HOW to install IE 11 64bit Forums → Software Its a bit confusing seeing what is actually doing the pulling: Is it `virtual/ssh-0' [ebuild R ] virtual/ssh-0::gentoo USE="minimal*" 0 KiB [nomerge ] sys-apps/pciutils-3.5.2::gentoo USE="kmod [...] [nomerge ] virtual/libudev-232:0/1::gentoo USE="-static-libs[...] [ebuild

After that, sys-fs/udev-init-scripts is pulling in udev, > eudev and on down the list. Personally, I try to go global when I can. Additionally going down the path of having to compile most if not all my software, again, NO THANKS!Software install/update has been the Achilles heel of Linux from the start... The developer profile may not be what you think. > Seems like that might expect X as well > I expected to find a choice of `server' but don't see that.

It may be that you can turn that off. What helped me alot to start out with portage/emerge is a line like: `EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--ask --ask-enter-invalid --keep-going --verbose --tree --jobs 10 --quiet-build --buildpkg --usepkg` You shouldn't be copying this line blindly into use xorg; thenrm ${D}/usr/share/man/man1/Xserver.1x \${D}/usr/$(get_libdir)/xserver/SecurityPolicy \${D}/usr/$(get_libdir)/pkgconfig/xorg-server.pc \${D}/usr/share/man/man1/Xserver.1xfi-------------------------------End Code-----------------------------Seems like the build thinks that its not building the server andremoved those files.Obviously, the xorg the if statement refers to refers to the One item puzzles me a bit: [ebuild N ] x11-misc/shared-mime-info-1.7::gentoo USE="{-test}" 0 KiB Using Dales suggestion of --tree I see a whole list of stuff pulling that in.

it said I had a consistent machine. No it is not fullproof 100% of the time, but its near 99% or better. ymuv ★★★★ 04.11.2011 15:53:05 Ссылка ← Bacula File Daemon и безопасность. [emacs][ipython]Проблема с флагом --colors → Зачем ты это хочешь сделать?Lighting ★★★★★ (04.11.2011 16:50:19) СсылкаОтвет на: комментарий от Lighting 04.11.2011 16:50:19Это No more blocked packages just an error that my C compiler cannot create executables. · actions · 2014-Nov-12 11:18 am · Selenia

Selenia to GILXA1226 Premium Member 2014-Nov-12 11:24 am to

Keep track if anything else in your package.use contains gtk. And I don't think libraries > and USE flags will change too quickly so we should be able to keep up ;) > > Cheers, > Andrej > Yea, one thing If you need support, post the topmost build error, and the callstack if relevant.-----------------------------End Code-----------------------------First time on a Gentoo based system, though I have some experience onBSD ports.I have tried reinstalling And you are going to work for it!

x*** 2006-04-28 15:59:08 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Okay, managed to fix the portage and man problem by changing/etc/make.conf and regenerating the man digest manually. Kind of hilarious since I managed to compile libc, gcc, and binutils. As per a suggestion, I tried emerge --newuse world and then a particular package, pmisc-22.20 fails off the bat, error saying my C compiler does not work. this contact form Yup, there was and must still be for some other things because the changes after both the moves you suggested, running emerge -vuDNp world was a few lines less output...

Calculating dependencies... It's been a while since I had to change those. I am new to portage and not impressed I cannot even install a kernel from a fresh setup.

I simply do not want to know that much detail, nor do I have the time for that.

If I recall correctly, I think it lists them >> backwards. a*** 2006-04-27 14:18:01 UTC PermalinkRaw Message here is my list... yes checking for a thread-safe mkdir -p... /bin/mkdir -p checking for gawk... Can you post your make.conf? · actions · 2014-Nov-17 7:18 pm · SeleniaGentoo ConvertPremium Memberjoin:2006-09-22Fort Smith, AR·Cox HSI1 edit

Selenia Premium Member 2014-Nov-17 7:24 pm make.conf# These settings were set by

Now changed back I get the output below. ------- ------- ---=--- ------- ------- emerge -vuNDp These are the packages that would be merged, in order: Calculating dependencies... It may be that you can turn that > off. That could be some > of the problem. navigate here lol Dale :-) :-) mail at andrejro Dec9,2016,9:07PM Post #8 of 14 (78 views) Permalink Re: Re: go to a no-x console from failed X + lxde install [In reply to] > EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--with-bdeps

Got:f10ca4556b9ed5d7630ae7460e086602eb51c5e973cde24801a51704ccaf0a5d!!! Things are worse now. At first it seemed like wine but it is everything. Yes, source makes it possible to install Super Duper software on Unix, BSD, AIX, UAX, Linux and its multitude of flavors, IN THEORY.

CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe" CXXFLAGS="${CFLAGS}" # WARNING: Changing your CHOST is not something that should be done lightly. # Please consult before changing. I went ahead and set [...]/defauilt/linux/x86/13.0/developer Even though I am a very far cry from that lofty status. A lot of times, that helps. In this > case, you can see mime as a USE flag.

Setting it to 100 seems to have fixed that.