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Failed To Shutdown Iasconsole

Configuration Management: Use these commands to create and manage configuration elements (OracleAS Clusters, Oracle Application Server Instances, components) and the DCM repository. Do you think rebuilding EM repository can help? Example dcmctl listopmnlinks host1:6200 host2:6200 A.3.39 quit Ends a dcmctl shell client session. Click on the Management Agent's name. have a peek at this web-site

How to rollback a patch using patchmgr in EXADATA however no database/application processing on Linux platforms. The deployApplication command does the following: Copies the WAR or EAR file from the specified location to the server. Type Application Syntax listApplications [-farm] [-cl cluster_name] [-i instance_name] [-arch archive_name] [-co component_name] [-sort on | off] [pattern] Description List the applications deployed in the specified domain. This command affects only the relationship between DCM and a repository, and has no impact on other components.

Please let me know how can I access ghe 10g EM page so that I can deploy the war file. Example HOST1_ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl getopmnport host1:6200 HOST2_ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl getopmnport host2:6200 HOST3_ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl getopmnport host3:6200 HOST1_ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl addopmnlink host2:6200,host3:6200 HOST2_ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl addopmnlink host1:6200,host3:6200 HOST3_ORACLE_HOME/dcm/bin/dcmctl addopmnlink host1:6200,host2:6200 A.3.3 applyArchiveTo Applies an archived configuration to an Oracle Application Server Instance Type Configuration Management Syntax getRepositoryId Description Returns the repository identifier of the OracleAS File-Based Farm to which the Oracle Application Server Instance belongs. Check ownership of the files and log files, ensure nothing is owned by root.

Start the OMA on the OMS/OMR server5. Oracle SNMP Peer Encapsulator OracleSNMPPeerEncapsulator For example: OracleOraHome1PeerEncapsulator Use this service only if you are using the advanced features of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Use the appropriate command described in Table 2-3. waiting for response from console ........................

Table A-4 Configuration Management Commands Command applyClusterTo applyInstanceTo createCluster createComponent configRepositorySSL destroyInstance exportRepository fileCleanUp getComponentType getRepositoryId importRepository isClusterable isCompatible joinCluster joinFarm leaveCluster leaveFarm listClusters listComponents listInstances removeCluster removeComponent repositoryRelocated resetDCMCachePort resetFileTransaction The repository may be restored to any Oracle Application Server Instance in the farm. Opmn may not be up. $ opmnctl  startall opmnctl: starting opmn and all managed processes... ================================================================================ opmn id=test:6201 5 of 6 processes started. By default, the Application Server Control service is configured to start automatically when the system starts.

Note: If the asterisk character is part of the string you want to match, you must prepend it with the escape character \ (backward slash). The procedure for accessing the Services control panel varies, depending upon the version of Microsoft Windows you are using. Syntax we use in database for administration All about database checkpoints and Partial checkpo... Example dcmctl destroyInstance -i instance1 A.3.12 echo Displays the specified string to standard output.

Start all OMSs4. Use -arch to change the name and -comment to change the comment during the import. If it seems that the connection was allowed only from Exception during shutdown ----- Failed to shutdown iASConsole Gracefully!. ----- failed. 1.

See Section, "Parameters Excluded from the Common Configuration: Instance-Specfic Parameters". Check This Out opmnctl startproc application=ascontrol

Reply Name* Email* Website Comment Cancel ciaran75 says March 29, 2010 Hi Atul, Thanks for your reply, When i first ran your command i got following. No response, checking logs for initialization activity. Type Archive Syntax listArchives [–arch archive_name][-sort on| off] Description Returns a list of automatically generated archives (in ascending order by timestamp), followed by a list of user generated archives (in ascending

IMPORTANT: Before you change the Management Agent time zone, first check to see if there are any blackouts that are currently running or scheduled to run on any target managed by Table A-9 Manually Managed OracleAS Cluster Commands Command addOPMNLink getOPMNPort listOPMNLinks removeOPMNLink Process Management: These commands allow you to start and stop processes within OracleAS Clusters and Oracle Application Server Instances. any help would be great, Thanks, Ciaran

Reply Name* Email* Website Comment Cancel Atul Kumar says March 30, 2010 @ Ciaran, Did you have a look at log file Component type can be of type: ohs, oc4j, opmn, or jazn. -i inst name Applies the command to the named Oracle Application Server Instance, inst name. -r repository info

Please locate listener log file at ORACLE_HOME/network/log. Note: This command is intended for use only with specific guidance from Oracle support, because its effects are irreversible (that is, the Oracle Application Server Instance is unrecoverable). In order to make everything clean I rebooted the server.

Errors with target discovery will be reported in AGENT_HOME/sysman/log/agentca.log.Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control comprises three major components:Oracle Management Repository (OMR)Oracle Management Service (OMS)Oracle Management Agent (OMA) • Oracle Enterprise Manager

The state includes the following indicators: Up Status — indicates whether a component is running In Sync Status — indicates whether the component's configuration is synchronized with the configuration in the Purge Inactive Sessions running from more than 24 Hours. 3266951 records in ICX_SESSIONS Resolving ORA-02374: conversion error loading table during impdp Restore FNDLIBR executable Unable to view new responsibilities added to This is also a good source of information for troubleshooting Java errors.server.log: Includes availability information for the OC4J_EM component, including start and stop times.4> The Oracle Process Monitor and Notification (OPMN) Consult ‘.trc' and ‘.log' files. --- Wed Oct 7 13:03:25 2009::Console Launched with PID 4121 at time Wed Oct 7 13:03:25 2009 --- 09/10/07 13:03:30 log4j:ERROR No appenders could be found

For example, use this procedure if you have installed all the components of the Grid Control on the same host you want to shut down or restart the host computer. How to create and export a report of all Service Requests ( SR's) How to Enable Write-Back Flash Cache in How to Find version How to print on A3 size This command is intended to be used to get the status of a previous command that timed out. have a peek here If you are experiencing a similar issue, please ask a related question Suggested Solutions Title # Comments Views Activity Recent Java Update (v8 u25) blocking access to all internal sites (that

Note for using DCM-Managed OracleAS Clusters: Oracle Application Server supports heterogeneous Oracle Application Server Instances as part of the same farm. Table 2-5 describes the Windows services that you use to control the Oracle Management Service. The value of the ORACLE_HOME environment variable does not determine the Oracle Application Server Instance on which dcmctl operates. Otherwise, this means the Metric Collection is collected with other Metric Collections under a single Collection Item.

Notes for using DCM-Managed OracleAS Clusters: Oracle Application Server supports heterogeneous Oracle Application Server Instances as part of the same farm. i've already tried stop| start the iasconsole as well as application server. Or is there any way to monitor Oracle Demantra using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control? If you do not use options, by default, the command applies to the local Oracle Application Server Instance.

opmnctl stopproc ias-component=WebCache Stops Oracle Application Server Web Cache. Instance specific information is defined by the various managed components, including: Oracle HTTP Server, OC4J, OPMN, and JAZN and may include such things as host name or port values When an Re-run 2. Note: If the asterisk character is part of the string you want to match, you must prepend it with the escape character \ (backward slash).

Thanks, Manoj

Reply Name* Email* Website Comment Cancel Majid says November 9, 2009 Hi Atul, when I'm trying to open iasconsole through browser it is asking for the username Setting verbose to off is recommended when using scripts or using the dcmctl shell, since the brief messages are easier to parse. By default, dcmctl executes with this option on. Re: Cannot start IAS console 586488 Mar 14, 2008 7:40 AM (in response to 495848) I could only suggest a few things now... 1.

The following sections describe how to stop and start all the Grid Control components that are installed by the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Console installation procedure.