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Failed To Sync Startup-config To Standby Rp

In such cases, the failing line card must be reset. System configuration is saved following entry of a forced switchover CLI command. 7-67 Chapter 7 Information About SSO Incremental Synchronization Incremental Synchronization Overview, page 7-7 CLI Commands, page 7-7 SNMP SET Understanding PROFINET, page 9-1, page 9-4 Displaying the PROFINET Configuration, page 9-5 Troubleshooting More information Implementing Secured Converged Wide Area Networks (ISCW) Version 1.0 COURSE OVERVIEW Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area ThamattoorOriginal AssigneeCisco Technology, Inc.Export CitationBiBTeX, EndNote, RefManPatent Citations (5), Non-Patent Citations (4), Referenced by (44), Classifications (8), Legal Events (5) External Links:USPTO, USPTO Assignment, EspacenetDynamic configuration synchronization in support of a have a peek at this web-site

Links supporting non IP traffic will momentarily renegotiate and resume forwarding following a switchover. sim Displays the stack information module debug messages. cancel (Optional) Cancels the pending reload. The active RP then synchronizes this data to the standby RP and instructs the standby RP to complete its initialization.

Standby has 524288K bytes of memory. Information About NTP. Traps Only notifications generated on the active RP are sent to the notification destination. Thus this RP1 now becomes Standby and RP2 becomes Active. 4.

CPU B. Each chapter closes with a summary and chapter review questions designed to help you assess and deepen your understanding.   PacketCable Implementation brings together everything you need to know about cable slave-name (Optional) The name of the redundancy facility slave to display specific information for. For example, on some platforms an hour or more may be required for the formerly active RP to perform a coredump, and it might not be site policy to wait that

Usage Guidelines Use the redundancy force-switchover command to manually switch over to the redundant switch. If you use the redundancy force-switchover command on the active switch, the switchports on the active switch to go down. It includes information on the benefits of the new feature, supported platforms, supported standards, and the commands necessary More information 2016 © Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Feedback filter none Specifies no value.

Cisco How Does Load Balancing Work? main-cpu To enter the redundancy main configuration submode and enable the standby switch, use the main-cpu command in redundancy configuration mode. Command Default None Command Modes User EXEC Privileged EXEC Command History Release Modification Cisco IOS XE 3.2SE This command was introduced. SNMP SET Commands Configuration changes caused by an SNMP set operation are synchronized on a case-by-case basis.

The time period is configurable. This may or may not be a dedicated media. This keepalive mechanism provides an exchange of information between peer interfaces to verify data and link integrity. Valid numbers are slot 2 or slot 3 for a Cisco 7507 router or slot 6 or slot 7 for a Cisco 7513 router. •file-spec—Indicates the Flash device and the name

If a high-availability image is found, the running configuration is updated. •slot-number—Specifies the standby RSP slot where the Flash memory card is located. Check This Out This More information Router Recovery with ROM Monitor This chapter describes the router recovery methods in ROM Monitor (ROMMON) mode of the router. HDLC waits at least three keepalive intervals without receiving keepalive messages, sequence number errors, or a combination of both before it declares a line protocol down. switch renumber Changes the stack member number.

Examples This example shows how to display wireless mobility high availability: Controller# show trace messages mobility ha stack-mac persistent timer To enable the persistent MAC address feature, use the stack-mac persistent Lessons - CCNA. This chapter also includes information about customizing More information COURSE AGENDA. Source The length of time can be due to a number of factors including the time needed for the previously active processor to obtain crash information, load code and microcode, and synchronize

Note During the upgrade process, different images will be loaded on the RPs for a short period of time. Depending on the platform and configuration, the time required for switchover to the standby RP might exceed the keepalive timeout period. userForced—A manual switchover was forced by the user.

The Line Cards 48 must be sharable (i.e., accessible to each RP 42 or 44) over this interconnect 50 although their access may be serially restricted; only the Active RP 42

Command Default None Command Modes Privileged EXEC Command History Release Modification Cisco IOS XE 3.2SE This command was introduced. Examples This example shows how to disable stack port 2 on member 4: Controller# switch 4 stack port 2 disable Related Commands Command Description show switch Displays information related to the All line cards are supported. A fault at this point could result in loss of service for enterprise customers requiring access to the service provider network.

The active switch maintains the PRC after executing a command. If a switchover occurs during this time, the device will recover in RPR mode. Description "Charting the Course... have a peek here Cisco NSF supports the BGP, IS-IS, and OSPF routing protocols.

If the switch type of the provisioned switch does not match the switch type in the provisioned configuration on the stack, the switch stack applies the default configuration to the provisioned Table2 Line Protocol Support in SSO Protocol Platform Cisco IOS Software Release 12.0(22)S ATM Cisco 7500 Yes Cisco 10000 Yes Cisco 12000 Yes Frame Relay Cisco 7500 Yes Cisco 10000 Command Default None Command Modes Redundancy configuration Command History Release Modification Cisco IOS XE 3.2SE This command was introduced. Line-by-line Synchronizing subsequent CLI configuration commands. 4.

counters (Optional) Displays information about the redundancy facility counter. In effect, the command is run on both the active and the standby RP. A key element of Cisco NSF is packet forwarding. mode sso To set the redundancy mode to stateful switchover (SSO), use the mode sso command in redundancy configuration mode.

Supported Standards, MIBs, and RFCs Standards No new or modified standards are supported by this feature. SSO fully initializes the standby RP, and then synchronizes critical state information between the active and standby RP. switch stack port To disable or enable the specified stack port on the member, use the switch command in privileged EXEC mode on a stack member. The method of claim 9 where the step of executing the command and determining whether it succeeds on the Standby RP further comprises: running a compare utility at selected time intervals

The primary objective of SSO is to improve the availability of networks constructed with Cisco routers. Step 9 can be reduced to a few seconds. The specific configuration running on the networking device identifies Cisco IOS redundancy modes, which are described in the following sections: •High System Availability •Route Processor Redundancy •Route Processor Redundancy Plus •Stateful In existing systems, this only works when all elements of the system are properly instrumented and are HA-aware.

detailswitch number Specifies the controller number. There are three methods used to determine success or failure of a command, “Parser Return Codes”, “Best Effort Method”, and “Blind Sync”. Step 5 Router(config-red)# end Exits redundancy configuration mode and returns the switch to privileged EXEC mode. This communication path is best implemented as an out-of-band data path so that it is available at all times and so that it does not impact the routed traffic being serviced

The client entity-specific state data must be initially synchronized (i.e., between the Active or Standby RP at initialization) and at any time state data, critical to a successful Active to Standby Note Core dumps are generally useful only to your technical support representative. When a new switch type is configured, the previously allocated memory is not fully released.