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Microsoft Security Bulletin Ms02-061


Does this patch eliminate the original variants as well as the new one? Yes. The actual actions that could be taken through this vulnerability would depend on which applications were installed on the user's system, the level of security each provided, and how they were Unchecked buffer in Database Console Commands (CAN-2002-1137): What's the scope of this vulnerability? navigate here

We have corrected the error and provided an updated patch. Because of this, it could be possible for an attacker to initiate a preliminary exchange in a way that would overrun the buffer, thereby overwriting memory within the SQL Server service What's wrong with how script is handles across domains? The attacker would need to specify the exact name and location of the file in order to read it.

Microsoft Sql Server Stack Overflow Vulnerability

Technical support is available from Microsoft Product Support Services. In addition, it eliminates the following six newly discovered vulnerabilities: A buffer overrun vulnerability associated with an HTML directive that's used to incorporate a document within a web page. However, this vulnerability would enable a web page to bypass both of these restrictions - it could specify any desired application as the one that should be used to open the What could this vulnerability enable an attacker to do? It could potentially enable an attacker to create a web page that, when displayed, would start a file download and display a misleading

What is a web task? Web tasks create a task that produces an HTML document containing data returned by executed queries. Click OK to close the dialogue. The SQL Server service only needs to be restarted after applying the patch. Revisions: V1.0 (October 16, 2002): Bulletin Created.

How secure is SNMP? SNMP is, by design, not a secure protocol. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to view files on the computer of another user. The correct order of installation is to install the 317748 patch and then this security patch. why not try these out Patch availability Download locations for this patch Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000: Additional information about this patch Installation platforms: This patch can be installed on systems running SQL

V2.0 (February 15, 2002): Bulletin updated to include patch availability of patches for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Manage Your Profile | Flash Newsletter | Contact Us | Privacy Statement | Terms of Use | Trademarks | © 2016 Microsoft © 2016 Microsoft


Web site developers can use either of these programming languages on their sites. Maximum Severity Rating: Critical Recommendation: System administrators should apply the patch to affected systems. Microsoft Sql Server Stack Overflow Vulnerability By default, scripting is enabled in all zones except the Restricted Sites Zone. Code Red Worm SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000 introduce the ability to host multiple instances of SQL Server on a single physical machine.

Impact of vulnerability: Elevation of privilege. check over here Disclaimer: The information provided in the Microsoft Knowledge Base is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Where would the file be located? The disadvantage to the attacker is that many users' systems are configured to open HTML mail in the Restricted Sites Zone, where the "Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins" setting is disabled Sql Slammer Worm

Is the UDP 1434 port typically blocked at the firewall? It depends on the particular deployment scenario. Inclusion in future service packs: The fix for this issue will be included in Windows 2000 Service Pack 3. This is a buffer overrun vulnerability and is found in common in several of the Microsoft-provided extended stored procedures. Database queries can pass data to extended stored procedures which can return results and return status.

It affects only SQL Server 2000 (and MSDE 2000); it doesn't affect SQL Server 7.0 (or MSDE 1.0). Patches for additional platforms are forthcoming and this bulletin will be re-released to annouce their availability. While the vulnerability can be used to run stored procedures as administrator, following best practices and limiting the ability to submit queries greatly mitigates the exposure to this vulnerability.

You should verify that the version of ssnetlib.dll in the \MSSQL\BINN folder for the instance you applied the patch for is: 2000.80.636.0 If the version of the ssnetlib.dll in the \MSSSQL\BINN

The readme.txt describing the installation instructions also contains instructions on removing the patch. For instance, among the standard extended stored procedures included with SQL Server are ones that provide e-mail functions. Standard security recommendations recommend against using SNMP except on trusted networks, as the protocol, by design, provides minimal security. Additionally, following well-known best practices for using SNMP (blocking at the router) protects against attempts to exploit this vulnerability.

V1.1 (January 31, 2003): Updated to advise of supercedence by MS02-061 and clarify installation order when Hotfix 317748 is applied in conjunction with this security patch. MSDE 2000 is based on SQL Server 2000. Close the Computer Management window. SQL Server 2000 can be configured to run with varying levels of privilege; by default, it runs with the privileges of a domain user, rather than an administrator.

This could potentially allow the macro to run. Also, the database to which the attacker is authenticating must support the use of web tasks. Correct. IE 5.01 SP2IE 5.5 SP1IE 5.5 SP2IE 6.0 Buffer overrun NoYesYesYes File reading via GetObject function YesYesYesYes File download spoofing via Content-Type and Content-ID fields YesYesYesYes Application Invocation via Content-Type field

Microsoft Windows 98SE:The Windows 98 patch can be installed on systems running Windows 98SE Gold. This would enable the attacker to view files on the user's local machine or capture the contents of third-party web sites the user visited after leaving the attacker's site. In the worst case, this could enable the attacker to take serious action such as creating, modifying, or deleting data file, communicating with web sites, or reformatting the hard drive. Script execution: This vulnerability extends only to allowing scripts to run - it does not allow any other security restrictions to be bypassed.

The SNMP service does not install by default on any version of Windows. Is this correct? No. What causes the vulnerability? The vulnerability provides no way to gain any privileges on the system.

The IE 6.0 patch can be installed on system running IE 6.0 Gold. Previous versions are no longer supported, and may or may not be affected by these vulnerabilities. Microsoft Customer Support Microsoft Community Forums United States (English) Sign in Security TechCenter Home Security Updates Tools Learn Library Support We’re sorry. As a result, users' jobs will still be able to create output files, but only in areas where the user or the proxy account's privileges permit.

In addition, it could allow a malicious site operator to collect information from a user's browsing session after he had left the malicious site. During SQL Server 2000 setup, the administrator must choose what Windows account SQL Server should run within. That is, as soon as the file download starts, the File Download dialogue is displayed, and the user has the opportunity to cancel the download.