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The Specified Transaction Is Not Mutable

In the case above, if the current value was null the new value will be 1. SVN_ERR_AUTHZ_PARTIALLY_READABLE "Item is partially readable" Since:New in 1.1. static String NODE_MAX_ENTRIES The maximum number of entries in an internal btree node. SVN_ERR_XML_ATTRIB_NOT_FOUND "No such XML tag attribute" SVN_ERR_XML_MISSING_ANCESTRY " is missing ancestry" SVN_ERR_XML_UNKNOWN_ENCODING "Unrecognized binary data encoding; can't decode" SVN_ERR_XML_MALFORMED "XML data was not well-formed" SVN_ERR_XML_UNESCAPABLE_DATA "Data cannot be safely XML-escaped" SVN_ERR_IO_INCONSISTENT_EOL

Applications using rippled APIs should explicitly specify a LastLedgerSequence when submitting transactions. An EnvironmentConfig can be used to specify both mutable and immutable environment properties. Well-formed transactions may provisionally fail, then later succeed. However, if the gap indicated a ledger in that range was missing, then an application would need to query another rippled server (or wait for this one to retrieve the missing

Applications which fail to implement best practices are at risk of the following errors: Submitting transactions which are inadvertently never executed. The following names are allowed. Regardless of the API used, the transaction is applied to the ledger as follows.

in favor of FILE_LOGGING_LEVEL As of JE 4.0, use the standard java.util.logging configuration methodologies. To submit multiple transactions without waiting for validation of each, an application should keep a running account sequence number. static String ENV_READ_ONLY If true, open the environment read-only. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time.

SVN_ERR_FS_NO_LOCK_TOKEN "No lock token provided" Since:New in 1.2. Determine the Last Validated Ledger rippled provides the server_state command which returns the ledger sequence number of the last validated ledger. in JE 6.3. This parameter has no effect.

SVN_ERR_FS_REP_BEING_WRITTEN "Representation is being written" Since:New in 1.5. SVN_ERR_WC_NOT_FILE "Path is not a working copy file" SVN_ERR_WC_BAD_ADM_LOG "Problem running log" SVN_ERR_WC_PATH_NOT_FOUND "Can't find a working copy path" SVN_ERR_WC_NOT_UP_TO_DATE "Working copy is not up-to-date" SVN_ERR_WC_LEFT_LOCAL_MOD "Left locally modified or unversioned static String TRACE_LEVEL Deprecated. An IllegalArgumentException is thrown if the value is not valid for that attribute.

Your code returns the next value based on the current value. SVN_ERR_WC_INVALID_SWITCH "Invalid switch" Since:New in 1.3. One definition of the macro just throws 00033 away the string and defines enumeration constants using the error 00034 code names -- that definition is used by the header file that As of JE 4.0, use the standard java.util.logging configuration methodologies.

static String LOG_USE_ODSYNC If true (default is false) O_DSYNC is used to open JE log files. Immutable results are found only in validated ledgers. SVN_ERR_WC_MISSING "The working copy is missing" Since:New in 1.7. in 7.0.

svnadmin lstxns showed no outstanding revs, and svnadmin lsrevs showed the revision created by the import. static String TRACE_FILE Deprecated. Mutable properties are ignored when constructing an Environment handle for an already open environment. To see recovery logging, set = through the java.util.logging configuration file, or through the java.util.logging.LogManager.

SVN_ERR_FS_BAD_LOCK_TOKEN "Lock token is incorrect" Since:New in 1.2. Background The Ripple protocol provides a ledger shared across all nodes in the network. static String CLEANER_UPGRADE_TO_LOG_VERSION All log files having a log version prior to the specified version will be cleaned at a time when no

static String LOG_USE_WRITE_QUEUE If true (default is true) the Write Queue is used for file I/O operations which are blocked by concurrent I/O

At this stage the client goes back to step 1, with the now updated assumed current value. Adjustments are no longer needed because LN log sizes have been stored in the Btree since JE 6.0. static String CLEANER_EXPUNGE If true (the default setting), the cleaner deletes log files after successful cleaning. To see evictor logging, set = through the java.util.logging configuration file, or through the java.util.logging.LogManager.

Alternately, use a value of (current ledger + 3). static String LOG_USE_NIO Deprecated. SVN_ERR_FS_NO_SUCH_CHECKSUM_REP "Filesystem has no such checksum-representation index record" Since:New in 1.6. These additional parameters will not be needed by most applications.

as of 3.3.87. Provided for backward compatibility with pre-1.4 API */ public static final SVNErrorCode WC_NOT_DIRECTORY = WC_NOT_WORKING_COPY; public static final SVNErrorCode WC_NOT_FILE = new SVNErrorCode(WC_CATEGORY, 8, "Path is not a working copy file"); long getLockTimeout() Deprecated. static String ENV_RECOVERY_FORCE_NEW_FILE Used after performing a restore from backup to force creation of a new log file prior to recovery.

There may be many different versions of in-progress ledgers, which have the same sequence number but different hash values.