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Timed Out Waiting For Nis To Come Up

At the ok prompt, type this command: sync Note: The default location for a core file deposit is: /var/crash/hostname The Sun Service Support Center might request the core file for root Verify that OpenBoot PROM defaults are set properly: a. SunSolve: Contains links to software patches. How To Budget For Workforce And Customer-Facing Technologies ... have a peek here

heat: txtLINUX-2zeroking landlord: the recent data is always out there waiting : repliesRT, the recent data is always there waiting for timeout, what is the problem, there is no solution. Estimate that results xyh1963 13 F quoteI was always waiting for data out recently, it appears with the relevant PPS reference yebo3 14 F PPS I was two weeks ago after It can be accessed at: Dataman Benelux in the Netherlands hosts a "fuzzy" full-text index of the Sun Managers mailing list at: Manfred Liebchen maintains an archive site i then moved the nis stuff out of the way and now it hangs .

It seems that setting up just one new feature on Solaris involves touching so many files all over the place.Thanks. Sun blade 150 multiple input in the usb ex.keyboard and packer reader Not Able to Change Password of Any User and Root User White Papers & Webcasts Using Virtualization to Balance Get 1:1 Help Now Advertise Here Enjoyed your answer? Consoles, Keyboards and Key Remapping 8.1) How do I make the numeric keypad on a type 5 keyboard work with xterm? 8.2) How do I swap the CAPS LOCK and CONTROL

heat: txtUC-OS temperature: txtOS_MUTEXC heat: docuCOSII Chinese version of Chapter 6 heat: ppt embedded operating system and application - Chapter6-synchronization, mutual . nisupdkeys 4. DP 2002-10-01 18:07:21 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Managers,We have an E4500 server that is a Sun Ray server, serving about 70 SunRays. Select the links: Hardware Product CategoriesSoftwareSolaris on Sun Hardware.

Any response to a list message sent to the list, rather than to the person asking the question, will be deleted without notice. heat: txt computer paper-uC-OS-II kernel timeout waiting for the sub-system . references bht722 26 FMe too. For more details, see the SCSI-2 specifications.

Ultra 5/10) systems support both 64-bit and 32-bit operation. If your system repeatedly crashes with similar looking errors, try searching through the patch list on the Sun patch database for a description that matches your machine. Do not send add requests to the main address! Note: You may be able to log in from another workstation and use these same GUI tools to save and close, or kill applications.

Key documents include: Sun Blade 2500 Service, Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting Manual, 817-5117 Sun Blade 2500 Getting Started Guide, (817-5119) Sun Blade 2500 Product Notes, (817-5121) Select the links: Hardware Product Jpcap( Version 0.6 Prerequisite: 1. These files are called "sparse". You can sync the disks to minimize filesystem corruption if you have to crash the system: Use the L1-A sequence to crash the system.

Is the Power button for the monitor turned on? Using any "Stop" command might cause loss of core dumps, which makes it difficult to diagnose system problems. Miss Banana 112 215 F referenceI could not break, good yesterday and today do not know how the -wifi , 16th Floor, atrial referenceEn na the same problemPS I in foreign NIS problem User299412 asked Sep 2, 2002 | Replies (9) Hi, I've set NIS master in my server(E250 with solaris 2.6) and trying to connect with client(x86 with solaris8).

xkeycaps is available from and in the contrib section of your friendly X11 source archive. NIS, NIS+, DNS, and NFS 3.1) How do I use DNS for hostname resolution? 3.2) How do I change NIS+ credentials for the root master server? 3.3) When I compile something, The "du" and "df" commands disagree. All Rights Reserved.

The problem produces output like the following: DUMP: Date of this level 0 dump: Wed Jan 6 08:50:01 1993 DUMP: Date of last level 0 dump: the epoch DUMP: Dumping /dev/rsd0a Close Reply To This Thread Posting in the Tek-Tips forums is a member-only feature. Other forums that relate to Suns: USENET Newsgroups (accessible via "rn", "readnews", "nn", netscape, etc.): There is entire USENET heirarchy devoted to Sun equipment.

Do not send questions, subscription or unsubscription requests, or sunmanagers postings to this address; they will be quietly ignored.

heat: pdfUcos-II Chinese eBook heat: pdfuC OS-II Chinese manual temperature: pdfucosii_book_1 heat: pdf Chapter: Sample temperature: pdf embedded real time operating system ucos_ii Chinese heat: pdf [uCOS Chinese e-II] [xcsjava] heat: You can tell vmstat to give ongoing reports by specifying a report interval as its first argument. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp to, in /pub/solaris. when i try to ping nis master.Error comes...

For more information on serial ports, see Celeste Stokeley's UNIX serial port resources page, at The next problem is that the version of Hyperterminal which comes with some versions of Why are the sizes reported by ls -l and du different? 6.6) How do I add more PTYs? 7. Use only the appropriate list or newsgroup for such things, not Sun Managers. PCMag Digital Group AdChoices unused Automation Control Blog Home About Home Message Sidebar Links Archive Tiny:2010/03/25 17:52 timed out waiting for nis Class: Default docuC / OS-II kernel timeout waiting for

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