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Undernet Unable To Connect To Server Connection Timed Out


It is possible to suspend the ircII process temporarily by first typing the following command /bind ^Z STOP_IRC (the ^Z needs to be typed in as a caret ^ followed by Any help for this would be greatly appreciated Top #237487 - 08/05/12 07:04 AM Re: Unable to Connect [Re: ParaBrat] gatherer Nutrimatic drinks dispenser Registered: 08/05/12 Posts: 6 Hello, this has To find out which server is closest to you once you're on IRC, use the /links command to get a list of servers. Otomatik oynat Otomatik oynatma etkinleştirildiğinde, önerilen bir video otomatik olarak oynatılır. navigate here

Sometimes, you may for some reason not be able to connect on the standard irc port 6667. GCDAsyncSocket: dispatch_source_cancel(readSource) GCDAsyncSocket: dispatch_source_cancel(writeSource) GCDAsyncSocket: dispatch_resume(writeSource) GCDAsyncSocket: readDataToData:withTimeout:buffer:bufferOffset:maxLength:tag: I've tried connecting via XChat on my laptop, and it works completely fine, which leads me to believe there's something wrong with Colloquy. Every time you use one, you should remember that * You are using tremendous resources on someone *else's* system which are being provided out of sheer goodwill. * Each time you What do I do? 1-24) How do I save my ircII settings (such as nickname, default server, etc) so that they are in effect the next time I sign onto IRC?

Mirc Unable To Resolve Server

Thus if you wish to join a certain channel each time that you sign on, you could put in the line: join #channelname in your .ircrc file. For a technical overview, you can try reading RFC1459. My unrealircd.conf:loadmodule "src/modules/";loadmodule "src/modules/";me { name ""; info "Maze IRC"; numeric 1;};admin { "Bebras"; "Edvinas";};class clients{ pingfreq 90; maxclients 500; sendq 100000; recvq 8000;};class servers{ pingfreq 90; maxclients 10; sendq 1000000; These programs take a while to run but they will detect and remove most virus.

A bot is a detached irc process which simulates another irc client. Konzea 144.540 görüntüleme 6:04 Daha fazla öneri yükleniyor... If you do not have enough diskspace, or have problems in compiling a client, you may try a precompiled client for your system, which is usually just 400K or so. More and more IRC servers require you to be identified in some way, and they will disconnect you if you are not identified!

didn't know who to ask... Irc Connection Refused If the channel name is not already used you will form a new channel and you will be an @op there. Apparantly you can drop that nick but it will be permanent. you could try here To leave a message for someone who's not on IRC currently, you can use the /note command.

reasons: * Your site is not close to the server and you'd be better off using a different closer server. * Someone from your site has been running destructive clone processes YOU HAVEN'T REGISTERED IP address or local host name is missing/wrong or it is not a public server. GCDAsyncSocket: maybeDequeueRead GCDAsyncSocket: Dequeued GCDAsyncReadPacket GCDAsyncSocket: doReadData GCDAsyncSocket: copied(48) preBufferLength(572) GCDAsyncSocket: completeCurrentRead GCDAsyncSocket: maybeDequeueRead GCDAsyncSocket: readDataToData:withTimeout:buffer:bufferOffset:maxLength:tag: GCDAsyncSocket: maybeDequeueRead GCDAsyncSocket: Dequeued GCDAsyncReadPacket GCDAsyncSocket: doReadData GCDAsyncSocket: copied(48) preBufferLength(524) GCDAsyncSocket: completeCurrentRead GCDAsyncSocket: maybeDequeueRead GCDAsyncSocket: Esc-E returns instantly to the last line (back to the current scrollage).

Irc Connection Refused

I can connect to as well as Tampa. their explanation This enables the user to immediately reconnect without a "ghost" of the user's connection to IRC. (A "ghost" is sometimes a "leftover connection" of a user who was on IRC and Mirc Unable To Resolve Server or on other clients: * Muffin hugs everyone You can do the same via the /me command. /me action will send the action to your current channel. Kill lines are essentially bans from an IRC server used for severe abuse cases.

How do I leave a message for someone not on irc? The technical term for it is being "K-lined". If you find that you have been K-lined from a particular server, you can switch to another one. k - Adds join key to the channel.

Use no spaces in between for anything (except for the email info, but that's optional). You can find pictures of people who use IRC at the following FTP sites: (NORDUnet only) /pub/comp/networking/irc/RP If you have a web browser, you may try the following This question pops up with frightening regularity on the irc newsgroups. his comment is here Ekle Bu videoyu daha sonra tekrar izlemek mi istiyorsunuz?

runs slip/ppp, or has TIA) VMS systems and VM/CMS systems as well. Close some other applications and/or reset your Internet connection to fix this problem. Very often you didnt have a (proper) connection to the Internet even before you started mIRC.

My guess is that you have typed a line similar to one of these below. //write cmz.mrc (code removed to prevent others from using it) or //write -c x ctcp 1:*:?:$1

A major repository for IRC clients of all kinds is the site Is there a way to get online help? A common cause is some companies use different machines for IRC and web servers, and you are trying to connect to the one with web server (and no IRC server is Do I need them?

If not, you can try one of the servers listed above. There is no restriction to the number of people that can participate in a given discussion, or the number of channels that can be formed over IRC. There is almost no delay.. weblink Answer by Sungoddess: Oh my gosh paying for using irc??

Unsure why its failing. Colloquy iOS cannot connect to Undernet anymore. On the Undernet, Nickserv's still in an experimental stage. My issue is:I seem to connect (sometimes past the MOTD) but never actually get to do anything before a 5 minute waiting period where I usually get a [10053] Software caused

Quit Messages Scripts Security Server Info Sounds Trojans Tutorials Undernet . If you are successful your channel will Get the X bot which will keep your channel open 24/7 and help with maintaining an extended banlist and controlling who has access to To register a channel on undernet you need to go here: Irc clients have been developed for a variety of platforms, and the Unix ircII client is by far the most popular one.

SEEMS THAT YOU DON'T HAVE IDENTD INSTALLED ON YOUR HOST NO IDENT FOUND If you get Ident related problems you have not activated the built-in Ident server in mIRC, or it What does a client do? Malicious users often use this to their advantage by using forged userids and harassing other users, or starting destructive clone processes which flood the network with garbage. tom_01 0 8 Mar 2001 11:36 PM In reply to erobertstad: kgotit.IwillseeifIcanreproducethatbehaviourononeofoursystems.Thankstoyoufortakingthetimetopursuethis/tom erobertstad 0 9 Mar 2001 5:04 AM In reply to tom_01: MaybeIshouldhavebeenmoreclear....IfIturnontheauthenticationinthefirewallforSOCKS,thenuseSocks5ontheclientwiththecorrectusernameandpassword,usingafulldomainname,itfailswiththeerrorabove.IfIturnontheauthenticationinthefirewall,anduseSocks5withaIPandwiththecorrectusernameandpassworditworksfine.IfIdisableauthenticationinthefirewall,anduseSocks5withafulldomainnameandwithablankusernameandpassworditfails.IfIdisableauthenticationinthefirewall,

To find out how to subscribe, send mail to [email protected] (or [email protected] or [email protected]) with "help" in the body. These virus attempt to connect to IRC, join chat rooms and they proceed to advertise the malicious website to all that attempt to chat with you. To get more information on the Unix ps and kill commands, refer the man pages ("man ps" or "man kill"). What should I do? 1-33) Hey..I heard that you can exchange files over IRC - how is that done?

metacharacter. (/help history and /help !) - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1-14) How do I make the output of a command in ircII pause after each screenful? I suspect my Linksys router with NAT may play a role in this, most likely a setting that I need to change. I forgot that on ipad I hadn't updated to 1.4.1. comment:18 Changed 4 years ago by anonymous If you need screenshots from these applications I can post them.

Error : 10060 CONNECTION TIMED OUT The connection can't be established. Please send all suggested additions/ corrections/deletions/comments/etc. Why do people have a love/hate attitude towards bots?