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Scansnap The Destination Specified For The Image Is Invalid



Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Annie - November 30, 2016 Reply I have this exact same problem. After dumping the temp file and recycle bin, I powered down, unplugged and replugged the S1500 into the CPU and repowered. One more step Please complete the security check to access Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? also u can try to scan document in jpg format. Source

For details, refer to Changing the Settings of Linked Applications. Connect ScanSnap Scanner via USB, open lid, let Windows Vista install the new hardware. Navigate to the C:\Windows\SSDriver\SSMini directory. After some Bitdefender-related hickups, I managed to get it to work.

Scansnap Manager Windows 10

you should now see a notification that your S1500 is ready to scan. 5. And that there are security implications. I am now getting the above error when trying to install a portable program even though the error message says "c:\program files" is an invalid folder.

I have an old S510 chugging along very well in my 2nd office (dining room) which isn't going to be supported in Win10. Irritating.

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Mary - August 27, 2015 Reply Installed Windows 10 last week. I need my scanner and this is crap!

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Arnold McGall - May 20, 2016 Reply I am not able Scansnap S1500 Windows 10 Other apps simply break when run in Program Files without being 'installed', including big apps like Google Chrome.

But some apps detect if they're in Program Files and save their settings in the registry or local APPDATA. Scansnap Manager Download Worked again until I shut down. Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome! You will also need a small 'C' clip.

And the installers will automatically detect that location. Scansnap S510 Windows 10 Join Our Community Join our forums Subscribe to our email newsletter Subscribe with RSS Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ Follow us on Twitter Partner with Hardware providers For details, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help. When I first hooked up the ScanSnap it worked beautifully as soon as I pressed the blue button.

Scansnap Manager Download

If the first solution fails to work, try disconnecting the usb cable to the desktop. When trying to left click on the Scansnap Manager to change a profile, it takes over 10 seconds for the menu to come up. Scansnap Manager Windows 10 Until a few weeks my ix500 has been working fine with Windows 10 that I installed last fall. Scansnap Driver Ix500 It should restrict based on %PROGRAMFILES%\ but from what you say it would appear to block %PROGRAMFILES% as well.

Given up as I don't have time to waste on this.

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Daniel Hüttenberger - May 22, 2016 Reply +1 Same uninstall all the ScanSnap applications and REBOOT immediately THEN after login make sure to delete any PFU references found in your system. deleting the PFU files from program files, and as far as deleting all mentions of the software in the regedit.exe. Anyone any ideas as to a solution.

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Shelley - January 7, 2016 Reply Daryl, did you ever get your iX500 Scansnap S1500 Driver Windows 7

The e-mail program may not properly link with ScanSnap Manager even if it is the default e-mail program. For details about changing the settings, refer to Changing the Settings of Linked Applications. Solution was to uninstall scansnap manager and re-install using win 7 compatibility mode. have a peek here I have full user privileges.

The "specified destination … is invalid" message or something else?

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Patrick - August 19, 2015 Reply Brooks, Yes, that's the Scansnap Ix500 Troubleshooting For details about the [Scan to Dropbox] window, refer to the ScanSnap Manager Help. I'll wait until a proper driver appears.

Coworker also had the exact same issue and solved through uninstall/reinstall.

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website M B - August 27, 2015 Reply I

Still didn't work. I am wasting hours of time trying to get a document scanned that needs to be sent off. So at this point, I am wondering if I even need to download the updated drivers? Could Not Use The Scansnap C'mon Fujitsu, let's get with it.

Nov 11, 2010 | Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager 1 Answer Scanner will not pull the paper all the way through & scan. Nearly all users leave UAC enabled. 2. It seems like a control issue—yours versus ours. Have unplugged the scanner and the USB multiple times.

To alleviate these issues, the Installer now checks and refuses to install to Program Files with the error you see above. Did you solve this?

Leave a Reply: Cancel Reply Name * Email * Website Mary - September 26, 2016 Reply When I pressed the blue button on my Don't you think I'd PAY YOU FOR THE DRIVER? I have scanned 100,000 documents on Win 7.

Reboot the PC after all three update packs installed completely. For details, refer to Profile. Once again, you ignored the main reason we decided not to allow with a warning: the fact that several apps switch to local mode when located within Program Files. Network Connections c.